Ahhhhh, Clean.

I finally finished up taking apart the projects I did not want to finish, cleaning, and organizing.  It took entirely too long, but I am done!!!!

I am really happy I chose to do it now for two reasons: 1. It was driving me insane that everything was a mess and projects would sit and whisper to me in the night “Why don’t you love me!?!” “Finish meeeee” and because 2. I found the scarves I made for the Foster Care to Success charity that I thought I mailed out, but in actuality did not.


So this week I am off to mail those scarves and have been working on the hearts for the Peyton Heart Projects Rainbow Hearts event.  I don’t have much else to say right now, so short post it is!


Time was not on my side

Sometimes you make a plan and then reality comes in and tells you your plan was silly.  All in all my goal of getting all my projects finished up in one week did not work out.  Though I kept plugging away and got the majority of them taken care of within two weeks.  There are a couple things that did not get finished – though one of them I’m waiting on, I cannot decide if I want to take it apart and forget about it or continue on with it and finish.

minion star puzzle katamariheart blanket

All in all this week I finished a knit baby blanket that I started forever ago – I think in the future I’m going to put a liner on it, but for now I am calling it done.  I liked the idea a lot more than I liked the finished product.  Next up I finished a katamari ball (including magnets) – this one I love! One of the unfinished projects I have left is a mini katamari.  Then I made two puzzle balls.  I will be making more of these, but the next time with a little less stuffing – the fabric was pulling more than I liked in the end.  And lastly the minion.  The minion is the devil.  Took me a lot longer to finish than I should have because I kept second guessing the way I was doing things and ended up trying a few variations to get it the way I liked it; in the end, I really like him, but will probably forgo the yellow accent stitching and replace it with a blue if I make another.

For anyone interested in creating their own, below are the patterns I used as a base for all of the projects (I generally tweak things as I go):

Amish Puzzle Ball and Star Puzzle Ball



Heart Blanket

2.5 Items down 4.5 to go!!!

I am remembering why I don’t make a lot of blankets.  Soooooo many tails to weave in.  Keep going back and forth from it being slightly calming to completely infuriating with no end in sight.

But….I’m getting stuff done and boxes are slowly becoming empty.  I have 3 days left to finish 4 more projects; the blanket should be done today.  Took a little break to type some words here, but now….back to work!