The First Step

This post is the first step on a new journey.  I have been hemming and hawing over how to get started for a while now.  Today I decided to just start and see where it takes me.  This site is still very much under construction and I hope to add a great deal to it in the coming weeks.  Today I was able to add to the Charities page and I would love if you all could give it a look and see if you would be able to help out.

In all my thinking and worrying over what to post I did come to the conclusion that I need to start this blog with a clean slate.  So I am here declaring now that this week is my week of finishing projects that have been sitting in boxes for weeks unfinished.  I am really guilty of starting things and really loving them, getting close to finishing, but then getting distracted by a new shiny idea.  The poor unfinished projects sit in their little Rubbermaid caskets in project purgatory.  I do not know if I will be able to get them all finished in a week, but I am going to put forth my best effort.  I will update and post the finished objects as I can (most of them are gifts and I will have to wait for them to get to people before I reveal them here).

I invite everyone that has similar situations to take some time in the next week to do the same.  Get those old projects done!  If you lost interest with them and finishing them is an idea that fills you with dread, don’t be afraid to scrap the project and move on; don’t let a work in progress haunt you! Crochet and creating should bring you joy not terror.

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